Recent Books

written by Stephen Tomkins


The Journey to the Mayflower


The sailing of the Mayflower was not just a foundational American event, it was the culmination of a radical English religious movement. This is the story of that underground church, one of prison and killings, spies and subterfuge, theological controversy and sexual scandal, and the invention of religious freedom.

David Livingstone:
The unexplored story


The most famous missionary in British history, despite the fact that estimates of the number of people he converted to Christianity vary between one and none. So was he an adventurer, an abolitionist, a colonist, a liar, or just a phenomenally difficult person?

The Clapham Sect:
How Wilberforce's circle transformed Britain


The Clapham Sect had a phenomenal impact on their world, from the abolition of the slave trade to the values of Victorian Britain. This is the first time their full story has been told in one book.


Some More Books

written by Stephen Tomkins

William Wilberforce: A biography


"Succinct and economical but conveys a very powerful impression of its subject" - Peter Ackroyd, The Times

A Short History of Christianity


"The sort of book I wish I'd read fifty years ago. Stephen Tomkins provides a context for so much of Western history over the last two millennia. His book explains a lot." - Terry Jones, Monty Python

Paul and His World


"Cannot be recommended as safe" - Evangelicals Now

John Wesley: A biography


"The tercentenary of the birth of Methodism's founder could bring no finer introduction to his life and work than Tomkins's synthetic biography. . . A fascinating figure, fascinatingly limned." - Booklist 

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